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The earth and the vine are scarce goods and dear to the heart of the winemaker. Alain Combard has landed the fiber fed by more than forty years in the service of great wines from Chablis and Provence.
It was natural that the fruits of this work, the inexhaustible passion remain in his family. Wish a long and lovingly prepared in 2004 as three of her four children have chosen to take over and successfully defend the paternal heritage.
Family, each puts his skills to good use.
Francis, a graduate of Fine Arts, was inspired in the vineyards and production. His temperament and his art practice both in the vineyard and in the alchemy of assemblies.
Delphine, graduated in economics and management, the woman "figures" with rigor and organization administers the financial life of the estate.
Specialist discussions and meetings with the sales management in tourism, Magali develops with his team, its partners and customers with the best tools to sell our wines.
The assembly Saint André de Figuière: meeting complementary talents to achieve the success of the joint project.
Offer unique wines, fruit expression of unique terroir of La Londe and "Signature" of the winemaker.
Make any response to its customer quality expectations.
Involve, motivate and respect all employees and partners who share the same project success.
In the field of wine, perhaps more than elsewhere, the success is not built by accident.
Work, tenacity, passion, are certainly the key to success and it is they who opened the doors of success in St André de Figuière.
But if St André de Figuière has risen in 15 years one of the largest areas of Provence, this is because it has other sesame:
• Saint André de Figuière knows how to make right choices at the right time
Taking advantage of the popularity of the pink color, delicate, feminine aesthetic that appeals to younger generations, St André de Figuière met the challenge of promoting rosé wine as a full-fledged. Because if the Provence rosé is an institution, a way of life, the fruit of a culture and a unique know-how, it lacked recognition. The small fresh wine that is drunk on the beach when it's hot, rosé produced by St. Andrew found himself on the best restaurants in the region and elsewhere.
• Saint André de Figuière knows how to show all the colors of his talent
While the wines of Provence are known for their pink, St André de Figuière leverages its experience Chablis for its production of white one of the most noticed. His work on the red brings, meanwhile, the recognition of his peers, all regions combined.
• Saint André de Figuière knows how to find and recognize
Confident in the quality of its wines, St André de Figuière uses the expertise of professionals, who became his best prescribers. Maintaining excellent relationships with wine merchants and restaurateurs, its distribution is every year more and more dynamic. Through this extensive network, the bottle angel sits on tables around the world.
• Saint André de Figuière knows preserve the quality of the entire range
Wine area reserved for complex and rare niche market, wines and fond of trading more accessible, St André de Figuière is able to offer all tastes and all budgets quality wines that make the whole Provence nobility it deserves.