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The story of Domaine Lou Capelan
Domaine Lou Capelin was founded around a core value: the passion vine.
In 1992, Maurice SILVESTRI, son of Seraphin SILVESTRI, takes charge of the operation of Yvette and Guy FONT Chabert at a place called "the capelaniers." At that time, the area of the family estate is only 4 hectares, although the lands are classified in Bandol, production is limited to table wine.
SILVESTRI Maurice decided to take advantage of the potential of the land entrusted, he decided to uproot and replant the entire vineyard to produce Bandol. This is the first batch of Bandol rosé will emerge in 1996, as that of Bandol Rouge, it was not until the year 2000. To pay tribute to his father, who taught him the love of the land, a vintage Seraphin will be produced by Maurice Silvestri.
Since its inception, the field has expanded over a geographical area is yielding Cadière d'Azur at Le Castellet. It now represents more than 33 hectares in area, of which 11 are produced and vinified in the field. You should know that the entire production is harvested manually, late August to early October.
Domaine Lou Capelin produces wines of Bandol, Red, Rose and White, but also Wine Country in the same colors.
The tasting room is currently located at the burned Castellet, 2.5 km from the place of production. You can get there from Monday to Saturday from June to August and from Tuesday to Saturday from September to May
Regarding the cellar, it is currently intended that the production of our wines, but you will soon find there a tasting area and a point of sale.