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Covering an area of ​​32.5 hectares, Domaine Michel Juillot Mercurey has a wide selection of great wines of Burgundy from the Côte Chalonnaise, more than 2/3 in the appellation area Mercurey: 10 ha Mercurey red 3 ha Mercurey white, and 8.5 hectares of 1er Crus (white and red).
The operation also includes regional appellations (Burgundy red, white and rosé), a piece of white Rully (1.3 ha) and designations célébrissimes the Côte de Beaune Aloxe-Corton, Corton-Charlemagne and Corton-Perrières.
The annual production is about 180,000 bottles sold half in France and half in the world.
The estate wines
The Burgundy (red, white and rosé) lay the foundations of a rich and varied production, where quality is already a resounding success, and that reflected the virtues of terroir and grape varieties such as Pinot Black and Chardonnay.
The Mercurey (red and white) say, by their fruit and elegance, character and the high value of this vineyard. Some wines, the most famous "climate" as the account name - as Clos des Clos Barraults or Thunder - reveal a richness of expression and a truly remarkable aging potential.
Finally, three wines from the Côte de Beaune flesh out their unique personality already magnificent production. The Aloxe-Corton (red) leads the way, followed by a majestic duo famous Grands Crus: Corton-Perrières (red) and Corton-Charlemagne (white).
Let the terroir speak
Great care is taken in the choice of grape varieties Pinot Black and Chardonnay. Similarly, the work of the vineyard has a particular care. "We conduct all plots in the same way, says Laurent as our value added is the terroir. The differences between a Grand Cru, a 1er Cru, a village and a generic from the soil, the earth, the sun, the environment. "
The field is conducted in pest management for several years: the vines are maintained by tillage, and many analyzes are carried out regularly leaves, petiole and soil. For 8 years, the area has two weather stations for monitoring at all times to intervene at the right time.
 "This is a daily monitoring that we arrive to minimize the vagaries of climate and get that year less favored joining the great vintages," says Lawrence.