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The 24 hectares of vineyards AOC Domaine du Dragon is located on an exceptional terroir near Draguignan. Production of quality wines is recognized and rewarded regularly in France and abroad.
In addition to its vocation wine, the Domaine of 60 hectares can accommodate tenants in three separate, ensuring comfort and privacy.
The estate, with its strong and fully renovated Bastide offers opportunities for home visitors forty divided into three separate entities: the Bastide Saint-Michel, the Grenache and the Bergerie.
The estate covers 60 hectares, including 24 hectares of vines planted in terraces, conveniently displayed in a field dominated by clay and limestone. The wine is made in the purest tradition of winemaking.
The reds have a deep color and brighten your table. They are well structured, noble and generous. The tannins are present, but a good balance. They guarantee a storage time up to 10 years. They marry well with meat, game and cheeses.
The rosé is dry, fruity, fresh and attractive. It perfectly complements pasta dishes, salads, barbecues and other summer dishes.
White is also dry and fruity. Its low acidity goes well with meals of fish and seafood