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Since its inception in 1923, the S.C.V. Vineyards Dom Brial has continued to grow. Today it has 380 co-operators who operate 2,500 hectares, with an average annual production of 85,000 hectoliters.
But beyond the numbers, what are the values ​​of solidarity, equity, accountability and heritage conservation are profound identity vineyards Dom Brial.
Vineyards Dom Brial were created in 1923 as a response to Baixas huge wine crisis that France had gone through. A handful of growers with a common idea:
Together we are stronger
It is in a spirit of solidarity and excellence that our winery was born. Very quickly, the circle widened, solidarity has parlayed everyone's efforts and reputation of the winery has expanded beyond the boundaries of Roussillon.
Les Vignerons cooperators learned well the duty of solidarity between men when they chose in 1985 as a mark of recognition of their best wines the illustrious name of Dom Brial.
 Religious born in Roussillon, he bequeathed a perpetual annuity common Baixas and Pia for they each maintain a school for the poorest of the common children.
In 1991, the first vintage of the prestigious Côtes du Roussillon Villages Castle the PIns born, his fame beyond the borders of France. Since the range has expanded and a wine jealously guard these precious bottles.
The winemakers Baixas, jewels of Catalan viticulture were able to grow and sustain their vineyards and production tool.
They were able to attract and train with them three neighboring cooperatives that shared their vision and business strategy.
Today, we represent 380 growers who cultivate with passion about 2,500 hectares.
A dynamic and committed team of 37 employees ensure rigorous management and economic development of our cooperative.
The grape vine
Here are a few winemakers in every soul.
It is in the Roussillon, in the eighth century BC the Greeks sailors transmitted it to locals the art of cultivating the vine. Thus, from the permanent installation of villagers Baixas and surrounding villages, we saw gradually appear vines.
Baixas always focused on its expertise, became a village ESSENTIALLY winemaker.
The art of cultivating the vine is transmitted from generation to generation while keeping in mind the preservation of Specification of Soils. Training provided by our technicians, and technical advice are regularly provided to growers to sustain these knowledge while bringing them the latest tehniques bases.