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Located in the heart of Provence Var, between Lorgues and Draguignan, Rubin Castle is one of the oldest vineyards in France.
Historically known since the fourteenth, the Templars gave it to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1307. Its strategic position on the Roman road known as "Giulia" and its particular beauty have made it a absolute must. In 1953, the Ministry of Agriculture attributed to the production title "Cru."
Valérie Rousselle its owner is surrounded by an efficient team that knows how to use with respect the best of nature to produce wines of exceptional quality whose reputation has already toured the world. The coat of arms depicts the history of the Templars field: Dragon, symbol of animal Draguignan, Lion, animal symbol of Lorgues protected by the sun of Provence.
The vineyard of Château Rubin, surrounded by a circle of pines and oaks, located in one piece at the heart of the Var between Verdon and the Mediterranean, offers the great diversity of its thirteen grape varieties, the natural drainage ("roubine" means "brook" in Provençal), its ideal orientation east / west, with its clay-limestone soil, the conditions.
preferred for the production of high quality wines. Today it stretches over 130 hectares including 72 hectares of vines and excels optimum combination between technology and the correct application of the rules of farming.