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Maime Castle is located in the heart of the Provence wine region in the foothills of the Massif des Maures, where the wild beauty of the chestnut forests is shared with the orderly vineyards.
The cellar of Château Maime is along the N7, between Les Arcs sur Argens and Vidauban. The National Highway connects the outputs from Aix en Provence by Luke and Nice by Muy.
The soil is exposed on the northern slopes, in an area where summer heat is intense, face the breath of the Mistral which cleans and removes the vine disease.
The property is rich in archaeological and religious souvenirs. The name "Maime" means Maxime Provencal, and comes from the Chapel located on the property, built in the middle of the Middle Ages.
A new page is written in recent years with the arrival of the family Sibran-Garcia, conquered by the beauty of the place and its authenticity.
She was able to keep them intact in finding the right harmony between tradition and the demands of a modern farm. The property is managed by Jean-Louis Sibran a degree in enology, viticulture.
A strong commitment
From the beginning, the new owners have done, first for themselves, then for their clients, particularly identifiable products consist of four wines, one rosé, one type of white and two red wines, one of which is high Boutes oak of 600 liters.
The first eighteen hectares divided between schist in the upper and sandy clay in the lower part were added eighteen more acres of sandstone sand with many pebbles that provide excellent drainage and good night restitution of heat stored during the day .
A weed control, for better soil aeration and water vines competition is played every other row with another row tillage. Phytosanitary treatments are done in a reasoned way, not systematic. Size, studied, yields a measured concentration to obtain the best grapes.
In 2011, for the first time, the property has decided to harvest mechanically. It is important to explain this choice both qualitatively and financially. The mechanization of this activity generates even a quarter century after the initial harvesting machines, suspicions and questions about the preservation of the quality of crops.
Techniques have evolved and the development of systems to adopt the adjustable shaking their own needs with respect to varieties have since proven that quality was maintained see improved on the wine tasting. In addition, the speed of the crop can harvest closer to the optimum ripeness of the grapes and thus increases the homogeneity of the harvest and its quality.
Another aspect not least who did opt for the domain system is that the harvest can harvest night and then pick the freshest grapes for white and rosé is one of the criteria if not "THE" The most important criterion for picking.
In order to optimize this collection, the Domaine has invested massively in chillers that allow reception of the grapes in the cellar down drastically and even the temperature of the grapes to obtain a temperature in minutes harvest close to 5 ° Celsius.