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The Château du Rouet is located at the foot of the red rocks in the foothills of the Esterel. Vineyards espaliers, to guess the Roman town of Fréjus.
On the Mediterranean region, five successive generations to evolve the tradition and master the techniques most suitable for cultivation and vinification, which offer wines of Château du Rouet, flavors and characters.
Selection of the best varieties of these acid soils and forest can develop and raise red, rosé, blanc de blancs, "Côtes de Provence" in the production area of ​​the "Land of Fréjus."
Since its inception the vineyards of Château du Rouet, established in trenches firewall, has contributed to the protection of the surrounding forest and live in an exceptional site.
It was around 1840 that our family could buy the Rouët, with more than a thousand hectares of forest. This property essentially forest drew its income from the sale of maritime pine and harvesting of cork.
1880, three generations (Reverdit / Lagane / Savatier) decided to build the castle in its present form, with its ponds (1876) its park, its "Big House" with its painted ceilings of Italian school (1880), his Chapel (1898).
In 1927 a great fire destroyed all of the Esterel Mandelieu La Motte, departure and return Mistral wind from the east. After running thousands of cubic meters of pine trees, immediately after the fire, Lucien Savatier decided to protect the forest clearing trenches firewalls, to plant with vines and peach (fishing Fréjus). This is to this period that our vineyards and our farm buildings.
After the Second World War, in 1945, René Savatier Trocello and Victor, manager of the Domaine, initiated the sale of bottled wines Château du Rouet. Since 1962, Bernard Savatier has devoted his career to manage this area for his family in developing a strong production of bottled wine. In the 1990s, he was joined by his son Martin and Matthew.
Savatier Martin has developed and modernized the winery that has accompanied its extension. Through his work and his love for this land, it has also contributed to the birth of the name Fréjus. Matthew Savatier took the responsibility to develop the reputation of the wines of Château Rouet both in France and abroad. He is now responsible for the Vineyard and Domaine he continues to develop.