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XVIIIth century castle located in the valley of Esclans, close to Gorges Pennafort in the Var hinterland, the Castle Esclans is a beautiful Tuscan style home bordered by plane trees. Its wineries, the oldest in the region, was originally a medieval castle which you can still see the remains.
Occupied by the German army during the Second World War, it was later acquired by successive owners to be taken in 2006 by Sacha Lichine.
The winemaker from Russia went to school in Bordeaux with his father Alexis Lichine wine expert and owner himself. Associated with Patrick Leon, the winemaker of Mouton Rothschild for 27 years, Sacha Lichine decided to upset the wine world by producing high quality roses and expensive.
It endeavors to a qualitative approach to wine rosé. Rosé and Garrus Clans share the top billing with aging in oak barrels, a blend of grenache and rolle and a dress to rival tribe Provence rosés.
The cellar offers a great range of spirits, selected by Sacha Lichine. They are imported directly from the producer countries.
Ancestral domain that grows except with pink guard with unusual flavors. Visionary and ambitious, Sacha Lichine dares to be different by producing Motte some of the best rosé in the world, atypical wines that invite in the best restaurants and hotels in the world.
After the end of fermentation, some winemakers practice stirring. It is to stir the lees - dead yeast and made residue of grapes - stagnating at the bottom of the container (tank or barrel) back in contact with the wine. This promotes yeast autolysis: the destruction of their walls. They then release their constituents (nitrogen compounds, polysaccharides, glycoproteins) which are then involved in the natural chemistry of wine, improving its softness and amending its aromas. But beware: this process can also alter the nose of some wines. A therefore use with caution!