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Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory YAMAZAKI is the first and oldest distillery in Japan. Inspired by traditional Scottish whiskey, Torii vision, however, was to distance itself from the outset by choosing a soil and a climate quite different from those of Scotland to create a new type of whiskey. Yamazaki and it was the birthplace of Japanese whiskey.
Nestled proudly lisièrede to Kyoto, this area was once known as "Minaseno" the land where water originating from the purest of Japan. For proof, Yamazaki is the stronghold of Master Senno Rikyu's chanoyu master of the tea ceremony. This site always foggy at the confluence of three rivers, Katsura, Uji and Kizu - where water and mountains provide a wide variety of nature and temperature - creates humid conditions ideal for aging whiskey barrels where it rests precious .
Splendors of nature in the land of the rising sun and subtle nuances of multiple seasons of Japan, source of his deep purest water, hands and heart of his best craftsmen, comes a whiskey.
Whiskey designed and made in Japan that speaks to the soul and awakens our senses, bringing us back to the very origin of his birth, and of all things in this world. Suntory Whisky In incarnates the harmony that exists in Japan between nature and man. In this delicate whiskey merge forces of nature and the Japanese passion, meticulous precision of the best Japanese craftsmen.
It is this unique blend that makes Suntory Whisky art. An art form that has emerged since 1923.
Historically, the whiskey has its source in nature, it is that which governs its creation and evolution.
The Japanese are one with nature. Nature inspires them, what is the force that guides them.
They worship nature in a particular way. Their belief is that in every stone, every drop of rain, every seed is a spirit. They refer to these spirits as "eight million gods". Hence their extreme attention to every aspect, every detail of the nature that surrounds and nourishes their whiskeys their distilleries.
Surprising that the taste of Japanese whiskey is rich and complex. Japanese living in nature over 6000 plant species - twice in Western Europe - and thrive many expressions of this nature: deep forests, lush greenery, steep mountains, clear waters.
All these expressions are enhanced by the richness of the season. The Japanese perceive not only the beauty of these each season, but also ephemeral and subtle transitions between seasons in a continuous cycle that governs the development of their whiskeys.
Suntory Whisky In each expressed this sensitivity and respect for nature typically Japanese.
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