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In 1860, Raymond's family RAGNAUD had a small vineyard in Grande Champagne, believed the most popular for its water quality of life, particularly suited to aging, planted only Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, best wines of the Charente vineyards.
In 1920, Paul moved to RAGNAUD castle Ambreville, followed in 1941 by his son Raymond who operated the property and decided to market the brandies from his legacy.
In 1963, his wife, then helped her two children, Francoise and Jean-Marie have increased the area of ​​vineyard currently has 47 hectares of 3 properties Ambreville, and Criteuil Lignières-Sonneville, located on the slopes of the Great Champagne terroir unique and exceptional and whose culture has brandies of incomparable quality.
These vineyards are cultivated by the Company Ragnaud-Bricq.
For 30 years, Françoise-RAGNAUD Bricq, true to its roots, continues the tradition with ensuring rigor and experience the harvest.
With the complicity of the Cellar Master, she develops her spirits distilling wines exclusively harvested on the properties Ragnaud-Bricq.
The distillation is done in two tempsdans two copper stills 16 hectoliters. The first distillation is called "low wines" grading between 24 ° and 32 ° depending on the degree of distilled vien, then returned in a boiler to a second distillation called "good heat" where one collects only the "heart" which as about 70 ° to obtain a brandy clear and clean.
This nectar then stays in its cellars for about a year in new oak barrels from Limousin and in older barrels to avoid excessive tannin.
During this long stay was the water of life will suffer many modifcations: a reduction in volume, alcoholic, color and bouquet to finally become "cognac".
After reaching maturity, these spirits will be "awakened" after a few years and assemblies to achieve a harmonious cognac which will meet the softness, fineness and body.
These are then marketed under the brand RAYMOND RAGNAUD.
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