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John Power & Son is a former Irish whiskey distillery closed in 1974.
In 1791, James Power, the keeper of an inn in Dublin, created the John's Lane Distillery in Thomas Street.
Under the management of his son, John Power (the distillery later take the name of John Power & Son), the successful business.
In 1823, thanks to the contribution of a still of 500 gallons, the annual production is 33,000 gallons. Less than ten years later, the annual production amounts to 330,000 gallons.
At the same time the expansion of the distillery, the stature of the family grows. John Power was knighted and was appointed High Sheriff of Dublin.
In 1866, John Power & Son begins to bottle its own whiskey, becoming the first distillery to have its own structure bottling.
Until that date, the whiskey barrels were sold. Bottles arborea a yellow label, this is where the name comes from and Powers Gold Label brand.
In 1871, while the distillery occupies an area of ​​28,000 m2, it was rebuilt in Victorian style.
Its main building is considered to be one of the most elegant in the city of Dublin.
The last family member on the Board of Directors of the Company is Sir Thomas Talbot who died in 1936.
The company remains in family hands until 1966, when Powers allied with the last distilleries operating in Ireland, Cork Distillers Company and his rival John Jameson & Son Dublin to form the Irish Distillers Group.
The new combined entity decides, in a bold plan to close all existing distilleries to consolidate the entire production of Irish whiskey in a new distillery built in Midleton, County Cork.
In 1972, the last independent distillery on the island of Ireland Bushmills joined Irish Distillers.
In 1989,  Pernod Ricard buys Irish Distillers.
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