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Four Roses is a brand of American whiskey, distilled in Lawrenceburg today in Kentucky and sold primarily in Kentucky, Asia and Europe.
From 1888 until 1943, the Four Roses whiskey was exclusively a "straight bourbon" produced by the distillery of the same name, founded by Paul Jones, Jr.
The distillery continued production during Prohibition, having acquired the Frankfort Distilling Company, one of the few institutions benefiting from an exemption then to distill bourbon to "pharmaceutical use."
In 1943, the Canadian group Seagram bought the Frankfort Distilling Company and began production of blends under the brand Four Roses.
Despite the continued success of Four Roses bourbon on the domestic market, Seagram cease distribution in the United States to focus on the Asian and European markets, and in a few decades the brand has become one of the best selling bourbons in the world behind Jim Beam.
In 2002, the Japanese Kirin Brewery Company acquires Four Roses group Vivendi, who had inherited through its acquisition of Seagram year (Kirin was already the distributor of the brand in Asia).
Since Kirin has remade Four Roses brand exclusively synonymous with bourbon (blend production ceased in 2002), but the Four Roses bourbon manufactured and sold in Kentucky, titrated between 40 and 50 °, is not available to Currently for sale in other states.
It is also different from that which is sold under the same brand in Europe and Asia.
Like other bourbon, Four Roses is produced mainly from corn. It is aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years, which gives it its flavor and color.
Four Roses bourbon differs from other bourbons in storage, which is in a hangar floor, instead of making buildings up to eight floors where other Kentucky distillers age their whiskey, making use of the differences temperatures between each floor.
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