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Dalmore whiskey distillery is located in the Highlands, northern Scotland.
Ask for whiskey lovers where the Dalmore distillery. Very few will point their finger on the Black Isle, the island black, which is located in the Highlands, about two hours from Inverness, going back to the North.
Located in Alness, Distillery opposite. This "island", actually a peninsula, Hergé has borrowed the name. Because it portrayed in one of the most famous adventures of Tintin is none other than the island of Arran. The famous Captain Haddock, he devoted himself more to blend and single malt that had not Dalmore his favorite dram.
The new visitor reception center opened in 2004 provide perhaps the distillery and its nectar publicity and fame that both deserve. Meticulously maintained Victorian architecture gives it a deliciously old-fashioned appearance, the pink granite walls softening the austerity of slate roofs.
For almost a century, belonged to the Dalmore Mackenzie family who in 1960 sold to friends of the owners of the brand Whyte and Mackay blend.
The stag's head that adorns every bottle of Dalmore is a loan to Arms Clan Mackenzie. Whiskey lovers accustomed salons can not separate the Dalmore seminars flamboyant charismatic ambassador Richard Paterson, who loves old Dalmore married to the great wines of coffee or chocolate.
Distillery warehouses contain certain stocks of whiskey and the world's oldest distillery visitors receive a unique insight into the skills, knowledge and talent required to produce each precious drop of Dalmore.
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