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The origin of this'' Black'' Bottle dear to many of Scotland is Aberdeen in 1879, while booming, thanks to the trade of tea from Ceylon and China. Since 1879, therefore, the unique taste of Black Bottle owes its character-and his heart-innovation and mastery of Gordon Graham, the first "Master Mixer" Black Bottle. His vision and talent has resulted in the lasting taste of Black Bottle is, to this day, a timeless classic like no other.
Black bottle unique taste owes its character and heart of innovation and mastery of Gordon Graham, the first master blender Black Bottle. His vision and talent has resulted in the lasting taste Black Bottle is, to date, no such a timeless classic.
The mixture is the secret alchemy of whiskey world. The art of taking great whiskeys, matching and profiling through the nose just to create a new drink that can distill the character of an entire region, should be savored and enjoyed. Mixtures are unfortunately rare and tasty between, probably due to a limited number of mixers truly masterful. We can, however, say with pride that taste Black Bottle can be counted among that number, having been recognized by critics and whiskey lovers alike.
The fusion process was initiated by Andrew Usher in Edinburgh in the early 1860s. Malt whiskeys are chosen for their character and taste and are added to grain whiskey, which is fine white linen that the mixture is put to use. Once whiskeys are blended together, a process called "fermentation", they were married in barrels, which allows different whiskeys to settle and get to know each other, thus producing the final mix.
Taste profile
Black Bottle has vaunted taste profile proudly wears its heritage Northeast on his sleeve.
While taste is now cleverly made from malt Islay, offering renowned mixing original was cut in the peat bogs of small farmers Aberdeenshire and washed the warehouses where salty sea fishermen moored Aberdeen. Married within these tastes bull and lighten the mixture is a smooth Speyside known worldwide for its delicate footprint.
These flavors combine to create a glass that does not apologize for its complexity and constant advice of a nod to his cousins ​​Islay, remembering a time when fishermen Northeast a black bottle stored in their cabins for a reminder of home.
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