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In Guatemala, the family Botran passion for rum since 1939, and more than sixty years, it has acquired a very specific expertise, allowing him to develop highly original and typed rums, which have no equivalent in the world.
This starts the grinding of sugar cane, which we only keep the first juice which is then converted into honey by heating cane sweet. This practice is unique in the world of spirits rum gives the finesse and aromatic richness incomparable. And after fermentation, the juice is traditionally distilled, and takes the lead aging cellars.
And this is where the main peculiarities are Botran rums. Indeed, these cellars are located in altitude over 2300 meters in the central highlands of the country. The climate is more temperate than in the coastal plains, with an average temperature of 17 ° C, but also oxygen depletion, aging slower for rum, but also more intense.
Another peculiarity of the cellars Botran is that practiced the solera system for aging we prefer here also called "education". Invented in Spain for the development of sherry solera is to assemble the constantly eaux-de-vie of different ages, so that the older "educate" the youngest in a process that can take several years .
In addition, Botran tasks, using different types of drums as and when the years of aging. These are first barrels of whiskey with U.S. content, and then others after having been rebrûlés content whiskey, then sherry casks and port casks. Of course, at each step, careful tastings are conducted to measure how rum is changing, and whether it is time spent in the next step.
Throughout this process develops aromatic intensity in any particular rums Botran. Within a range that includes several variations, feature two references have been selected for export: Reserva, a blend of rums aged 5 to 14 years of age, and Solera 1893, based rums aged between 5 and 18 years of age. Both titrate 40% alc. Theft.
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